"A trend is a general reaction of the masses to events 
that affect their lives and of the people around them."

The world is changing. Textiles change. Reynaldo changes. The changes today shape tomorrow's trends. Step by step we see new trends emerge and old trends disappear. Reynaldo knows how to translate these contemporary trends to a contemporary range of special furniture and fabrics. Our emotions and our feelings are told by our products. The result is the special collection of Reynaldo. In short, our story...

Reynaldo watches, feels and experiences the world. As of these noticeable trends we tell our story. The story of our collection. Again and again dictated by the conditions in our world and our society. Our story is bright and clear. It starts with the interpretation of current observable  trends. Like the European and North American economic crisis, the Green Movement, Asian, Middle Eastern and South American influences and finally: Comfort Technology.

European and North American economic crisis
The times of 'the sky is the limit' are over. We remember the days of old. Traditional manufacturing and authentic enterprise; that is the answer to previous excesses. Old styles mingle with modern trends. Cultural heritage is of great importance. From culture to culture; everyone underlines their origins, history and traditions. We welcome raw, weathered, genuine fabrics and materials. Coarsened structures and worn looks. In short, vintage looks with a modern twist!

So many trends, so many possibilities. Our collection is all about focus, the right choice and directed spotlights. The foundation of our collection can be found in the Green Movement. With this, we return to the heart of our existence: the natural heritage around us. From this trend, the beginning of our story is created. Here, we open our book for an initial colour palette, the first lines are put on paper. A case of experimenting, sketching and determining directions. Choose, look, taste, feel and scan. The first beginnings of a new collection on its way to further development, a definite direction and the ideal look and feel. The tone is set. 

The Green Movement
The Green Movement is the answer to mass production, too much plastic and unnecessary mess. We are becoming aware of nature and our environment. Attention to green, fair and sustainable. In our collection, this translates into earthy materials, natural designs and a robust appearance. Discover our birds, butterflies and flowers. Recognize our natural, traditional and weathered patterns, networks and lines. Our colours come straight from Mother Nature. Textiles made with attention to a self-conscious future. In short, they cherish our natural environment!

The sketches tell the beginning of our story. This beginning leads us almost naturally to the next chapter. From here we continue to draw on precise lines, clear shapes and final designs. We make choices and continue to write our story. Here, we provide content and tension,  building a clear, distinctive collection. A matter of concentration, creativity and continuity. Each design tells its own story, always based on the first sentences from the sketch phase. So many designs, so many chapters. Together they give shape and meaning to our story, our collection.

Asian, Middle Eastern and South American influences
The world meets the world. Due to the rapid economic growth, social development and technical capabilities, we become increasingly fascinated in Asia, the Middle East and South America. Within these continents, we are inspired by their countries, people and cultures. One discovers and embraces each other’s cultural heritage with the arrival of more and more artistic events. Thus arise mixtures, blends and groupings. This is reflected in the distinctive detailing, recognizable structures, rustic colours and typical patterns in our collection. In short: we discover cultural heritage!

Designs, materials, colours, dessins and patterns, piece by piece, they form the chapters of our story. Every detail deserves our full attention, from stitching, finishing and materials to colouring, style and ethos. A lengthy process in which we, step by step, chapter after chapter, record the story of our collection. Along the way we focus continuously on the overall consistency, underlying intention and the meaning of our entire collection. Only in this way, what we tell is as music to your ears. Eager for more? Our next story is already in the pipeline. To be continued ...

Comfort Technology
The onrushing technique opens all doors. The world is facing many changes and within them, technology plays a decisive role. Day in, day out, there are more and more innovation opportunities in our lives. We need to think ahead and build on intelligent innovation. We look forward to the future and constantly rely on our creative abilities. Based on an energetic, dynamic setting, we use technology to improve our lives. In short: onwards to comfort technology.